Monday, May 14, 2012

For my wife.

Circa May 2004. Wedding rehearsal dinner.

So tomorrow May 15th is our 8th year anniversary and since we have a fresh out of the womb newborn not much will be going on in the way of dinners, movies, or even alone time. So I'm going to write this little thing about why I'm thankful for her and the awesome children she has bore to me and how much of a blessing she has been in my life.

"Things I am thankful for"

My wife, Esther Joy Diane Nelson. She has been patient with me when I'm in a bad mood, she loves me when I don't deserve it and she forgives me when I know its hard for her to.

She is the mother of my children. She stands by me when I discipline and backs me up even if she thinks I'm being to hard. She loves Asher and Elliette with all her heart and she treats them with the kindness and gentleness only a mother could. She is patient with them when they're being unruly and stern with them when they need it. She teaches them about the love of Jesus and her prayers for them are never ending.

She follows me where ever I lead her, she trusts me because she knows I try and do whats best. She encourages me to pray and be in the Word. She picks up after me without complaining. She feeds my belly and my heart, she knows how to please me and make me happy. She loves the Lord most of all and respects me because of this.

As of April 2012. Official family of 4.

Esther I love you more then you know. I thank God for you and my beautiful children on a daily basis. I hope I don't upset you with some of these pictures I posted but I really feel like they capture your inner and outer beauty. I don't think I could picture my life any other way or with any other person. God has blessed me with such a beautiful faith filled strong woman. Thank you for loving me and I'm honestly looking forward to the next 50+ years with you…that's if we don't get raptured by then of course.